The Port Charlotte Golf Club Makeover

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

If you haven't already guessed by all the signs, we are undergoing some major renovations and updates to bring you the best possible golf experience. During the next few month there will be updates to the entire course, the parking area, Pro Shop, Restaurant and Lounge ares. We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring and ask for your patience as we enhance your favorite local holes.

If you've already been in you'll notice new paint and furniture, some small changes to the menu, and the course itself is being fertilized and oversewed to bring it back to what it used to be. The team at Conex Construction Group has been working around the clock to finish the renovations just in time for season so you don't have to miss a day. The members who have already seen what's taken place have had nothing but good things to say; they are very happy to know their club is in good hands now with the new owners.

In the past few years what was once an award winning 10 time Best Golf Course started to see some turbulence that would cause members to leave and many to not know the fate of the club. But that all changed when Mays Holdings stepped in as the new owners and made a promise to the members of bringing it back better than ever. This was made evident even before holding a members meeting to discuss the future of the club as work was already underway and members were walking into the renovated spaces and seeing instant results. One issue in particular that bothered most was the name change that took place during the previous ownership. Many felt it was in poor taste and separated the members from the course. So one of the first things addressed and agreed upon at the meeting was the owners reverting it back to the original name and giving the members their club back.

With many more exciting things to come and with a renewed spirit please allow us to officially welcome you back to the Port Charlotte Golf Club! We will be number 1 again!

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